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This database does not contain details of ALL the members of the Institute, but only those who have elected to be_included here. If you are unable to find a suitable member to assist you from this database, please contact the SATI office (+27 11 803 2681, who can consult the full database of members.


For a list of all accredited members, go to the Accreditation tab in the red menu on the left.


Please note the following with regard to the search variables:

  • In the results you obtain, click on a name to see the person's details and then on any field in the table of languages to expand the table to view all their capabilities.
  • If you are looking for an editor, select the relevant language in the 'Language From' field and do not select anything in the 'Language To' field.
  • Complete the minimum number of fields in order to maximise your results. If you restrict your search too much, you will limit the number of possible translators and you may come up with no hits.
  • South African languages can be searched in their official designations or without the relevant prefixes, thus: Ndebele/IsiNdebele Pedi/Northern Sotho/Sepedi Sotho/Southern Sotho/Sesotho Tswana/Setswana_Swati/Swazi/SiSwati Tsonga/Xitsonga Venda/Tshivenda Xhosa/IsiXhosa Zulu/IsiZulu.
  • The same applies to Swahili/Kiswahili.
  • Mandarin Chinese is listed as Chinese.
  • An agency is a translation company or agency that provides services in a range of languages. For any assignment, but particularly if you need a document translated into several languages, you may find it_easier to have it done by an agency rather than having to deal with a number of individuals yourself.
  • The field "SATI Accredited" indicates whether a member has been accredited by SATI, but does not necessarily refer to the combination or discipline you have specified. To obtain names only of members accredited in the combination or discipline you have specified in your search, select the relevant item in the "Accreditation Type" field.
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