Membership of the Institute is open to anyone interested in translation and the related professions. There are currently no qualifying professional requirements for ordinary membership accredited membership requires a pass in the Institute's examination. At present there are six categories of membership of the Institute:

  • Honorary Member
  • Individual Member
  • Accredited Individual Member
  • Student Member
  • Corporate Member
  • Accredited Corporate Member


Corporate membership is available in two categories:

  • Language agencies
  • Language offices


Download the pamphlets on individual and corporate membership from the links at the bottom of this page for details of each category. The pamphlet Categories of Membership will help determine which category of membership you should apply for.


Dual membership is possible in certain instances.


Voting and accreditation

Becoming a general member of the Institute simply involves completing the relevant forms and paying the necessary fees. Only accredited members have the right to vote within the Institute, but all other benefits and privileges are the same for general and accredited members.


Accreditation for individuals involves a practical examination. After three months of membership, individuals may apply to write one of the Institute's accreditation examinations (you may try a practice test after one month of membership) if you pass, you become an accredited member of the Institute. Go to the Accreditation section of the site for more information on this.


Accreditation for corporates is only available for language offices, and involves having a certain percentage of the office's employees accredited. Consult the Accreditation section of the site for details.




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